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Certification in Volunteer Management
Certified Nutrition Program Administrator
National Nutrition Site Certification

Certification in Volunteer Management

The Certification in Volunteer Management, taught by Lydia Ramsey, is a 16-hour curriculum. Twelve hours are completed during the Pre-Conference Program at MOWAA's Annual conferences and the additional four consist of a "take-home" project that each participant must complete and return to the instructor. In 2001 the interactive seminar will be held from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, November 14 , and 8 a.m. until noon on Thursday, September 15, at the Kansas City Marriott. The CVM involves the following topics: exploring a philosophy of volunteering; looking at trends in volunteering; looking at volunteer motivation; creating high-impact jobs for volunteers; creating effective volunteer recruitment campaigns; screening, interviewing and matching; orientation and training; and volunteer supervision. It will also explore: building volunteer and staff teams; volunteer recognition and retention; evaluation, positive corrective action and termination; evaluating volunteer program effectiveness; risk management; ethics in volunteer management; enhancing the status of the volunteer program; and building personal success as a volunteer manager.

The cost for the course in 2001 is $350.00.

For 2002, the CVM is tentatively scheduled for September 10 and 11 at the Marriott Marina in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

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Certified Nutrition Program Administrator (CNPA)

MOWAA has partnered with leading scholars and experts in the field of nutrition and aging to offer members a non-degree professional certification program for experienced practitioners in the field of elderly nutrition. This certification program will allow individuals to enhance their professional status through receipt of the Certified Nutrition Program Administrator (CNPA) credential.

The Meals On Wheels Association of America has a long history of an unwavering commitment to providing our members with the best training possible in order to equip them to become effective, efficient, compassionate nutrition program managers. We believe that effective management combines leadership expertise in several areas of nutrition program administration and a people-oriented focus. Through the Certified Nutrition Program Administrator program, we are making available the training and networking opportunities to help our members merge these essential ingredients for success.

Eligibility for certification is contingent on an application process that includes verification of:

    A minimum of two years' job experience in management level position in elderly nutrition services.

    A written narrative documenting experience in the field of resource development and resource management as detailed below. (Five out of the eight are required.)

        Resource Development
            Staff and Board Development
            Planning and Development
        Resource Management
            Human Resource Management
            Financial Management
            Information Management
            Management of Legal and Tax Issues

    Completion of Association training in core competencies for Certification in Nutrition Program Administration, as established by a Blue Ribbon Advisory Council, an independent committee of academics and other experts in the field of elderly nutrition services.

The CNPA is a combination of a self-administered and in-class continuing education instruction program. Participants must complete the application that includes the written narrative documenting your experience as well as complete training in the core competencies as proscribed by the Blue Ribbon Council. The in-class continuing education hours of the certification process may be earned at MOWAA national and regional conferences, or by submitting documentation of hours of training at recognized local, state, or national training sessions in resource development, resource management, or core subjects in elderly nutrition.

A total of nine hours of core competency continuing education classes, taken at a MOWAA Annual Training Conference, will be required for Certification. At the conclusion of the classes participants will take a certification test on the subject matter.

The costs for the Certification program are nominal. They are: $25.00 application fee - non-refundable; $275.00 fee for the nine hours in-class continuing education; $50.00 cost of review of materials for certification. The total cost for three-year certification is $350.00 [All fees must accompany the application.]

The Certification is valid for a three-year period. The cost for Certification renewal is $100.00 and participants must have completed 15 hours of continuing education classes. These continuing education classes can either be at MOWAA Conferences or other approved training that complete the requirement of the Association.

National Nutrition Site Certification Program

The National Nutrition Site Certification Program is MOWAA's peer-reviewed program of certification for Meals On Wheels and congregate meal sites. Its mission is to ensure quality service, promotion of industry growth and organizational accountability by setting national nutrition program standards. Site certification by the MOWAA Certification Review Board signifies that a meal program site has met and/or exceeded the national nutrition standards and is deemed a "Certified Nutrition Site." The designation symbolizes a program that is performing its mission of providing nutrition services to the elderly and at-risk populations in a manner consistent with national program standards.

    The goal of the National Nutrition Site Certification Program is to establish certification for meal sites as the industry norm. All programs should work to attain certification, and all communities should insist that their local programs meet the national nutrition standards of the Nutrition Site Certification Program.

    Purpose of Nutrition Site Certification
    National certification indicates that a program not only concerns itself with the quality of the meal product but also demonstrates accountability in the administration of the program. Independent certification assures the community of the program's quality and effectiveness.

    A program that becomes a national nutrition site-certified program indicates to the community, funding sources, and peers that the program meets national standards of excellence as evaluated by an independent review team made up of experts in their related fields.

    Some foundations and other funding organizations give special or additional consideration to organizations certified by an industry independent certifying agency. Others require an organization to be nationally certified before it can apply for funding.

    For more information about the National Nutrition Site Certification Program please e-mail us. This program is open to both MOWAA and non-MOWAA programs.

The cost of the certification is determined by the size of the applicant program. The costs for 2001 are as follows:

$300 for programs with annual budgets under $500,000

$500 for programs with annual budgets of $500,000 - $1,499,999

$750 for programs with annual budgets of $1,500,000 to $2,999,999

$1000 for programs with annual budgets of $3 million or more

Certification is valid for three years. Recertification must be completed every three years in order to keep the site certification up-to-date. Recertification fees can be obtained by calling the MOWAA office at 703-548-5558.